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Trained as an art historian, Dylan Miner holds a PhD from The University of New Mexico – with a focus on Arts of the Américas – and has published extensively. To date, he has published more than sixty journal articles, book chapters, critical essays, and encyclopedia entries – some that you can download below. His book Creating Aztlán: Chicano Art, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Lowriding Across Turtle Island was published in 2014 by the University of Arizona Press. Miner is uncertain if he will return to academic writing. In the meantime, he is frequently publishing risograph artist books, both through his own press, as well as with art book publishers.

Note: additional and updated texts are available here, as well.


2014 – Creating Aztlán: Chicano Art, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Lowriding Across Turtle Island



2018 – Bakobiigwaashkwani // She Jumps into the Water, 32-page risograph chapbook

2018 – Métis and Anishinaabe Beadwork Templates, 44-page risograph booklet

2018 – Gaawayag // Quillwork, 24-page chapbook.

2017 – Waawaakeshi // Aanikoobijiganag, 56-page, limited edition artist’s book.

2013 – Tikibiing Booskikamigaag, 24-page, limited edition artist’s book.

2011 – Refuge: A Migratory and Momentary Guide to the City, edited by with Roger Peet



2018 – 'Gichi-mookomaana miinawaa Gichi-maazhigaa’aabkok: From Big Knives to Big Pipelines'

2018 – 'Mawadisidiwag miinawaa Wiidanokiindiwag // They Visit and Work Together'

2017 – 'Gaagegoo Dabakaanan miiniwaa Debenjigejig: No Borders, Indigenous Sovereignty'

2015 – 'Makataimeshekiakiak, Settler Colonialism, and the Specter of Indigenous Liberation'

2013 – 'Stories as Mshkiki: Reflections on the Healing and Migratory Practices of Minwaajimo'

2012 – 'Halfbreed Theory: Maria Campbell’s Storytelling as Indigenous Knowledge and Une Petite Michin'

2012 – 'Radical Migrations through Anishinaabewaki: An Indigenous Re-Mapping of the Great Lakes'

2012 – 'Aztlán, Anishinaabewaki, Ixachilan: Radical Hemispheric Indigeneity and the Liberation of Art through the Graphic Work of Carlos Cortéz Koyokuikatl'

2010 – 'When they Awaken’: Indigeneity, Miscegenation, and Anti-Colonial Visuality'

2009 – 'From Aztlan to Red River: The Continental and Comparative Cultures of Chicana/o and Métis Anti-Colonialism'

2007 – 'El Grito del Diseño: The Radical Visual Language in Chicana/o Newspapers'

2005 – 'Carlos Cortéz Koyokuikatl: Wobbly Heir to the TGP'



2013 – 'Teaching "Art as Social Justice:" Developing Prefigurative Pedagogies in the (Liberal) Art Studio'

2011 – Hasta la Victoria (Deportista) Siempre: The History of Sports Posters in Revolutionary Cuba'

2009 – 'Provocations on Sneakers: The Multiple Meanings of Athletic Shoes, Sport, Race, and Masculinity'

2008 – 'Straddling la otra frontera: Revisioning Chicana/o Art History Through MiChicana/o Visual Culture'

2005 – 'El renegado comunista: Diego Rivera, la Liga de Obreros y Campesinos and Mexican Repatriation in Detroit'

2005 – 'The Latin American Left and Diego Rivera’s Political Contribution,' translation from Spanish of original text by Alberto Híjar



2015 – 'Agamiing, Awasaakwaa – On the Shore, Across the Forest' (Uncorrected Proof)

2015 – 'Gaagegoo Dabakaanan miiniwaa Debenjigejig (No Borders, Indigenous Sovereignty)'

2014 – 'Ni-aazhawa’am-minis, a Provisional Place for Crossing Over'

2013 – 'Tikibiing Booskikamigaag: An Indigenous History and Ecology of Flint, Michigan'

2011 – Essays from Refuge: A Migratory and Momentary Guide to Ljubjlana, in English and Slovenščina.

2007 – 'Red (Pedal) Power: Natives, Bikes, and Anti-Colonial Art'

2005 – Essay from Paper Politics: Socially Engaged Printmaking Today



2014 – Indigenous Aesthetics from Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, second and revised edition

2013 – Entry on Art from Encyclopedia of American Indian Issues Today

2012 – Entries on Border Culture and  Grape Boycott from Encyclopedia of American Reform Movements

2011 – Entry on Louis Riel from Encyclopedia of Native American History

2009 – Indigenous Radicalism from International Encyclopedia of Protest and Revolution

2008 – Entries on Aztlán, Chicana/o Movement, Industrial Workers of the World, and Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán (MEChA)

2007 – Entry on César Chávez from Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

2007 – Short entry on the Grape Boycotts from Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

2007 – Short entry on Mural Art from Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice



2017 – 'Mshkikiwaaboo minken e piichi-aadizookaanigwaa aanikoobijiganag'

2015 – 'An Irreducible and Irreconcilable Gesture'

2012 – 'Wisconsin Uprising(s): An essay on Nicolas Lampert' 

2011 – Essays on Diego Romero, Will Wilson, Jason Luján, and Jean Lamarr



2018 – Interview in Briarpatch

2013 – Interview in First American Art Magazine by America Meredith

2011 – Interview in Måg Magazine (Norway) by Audhild Dahlstrøm



2012 – Lake-Effect: Rurality and Ecology in the Great Lakes



2009 – Review of KB Witherspoon, Before the Eyes of the World: Mexico and the 1968 Olympic Games