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Since 2007, Dylan Miner has taught in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH) – a small living-learning community with a focus on 'arts and humanities for the public good' – at Michigan State University (MSU). Miner primarily teaches in the areas of art, activism, ecology, and Indigenous studies, expanding outward in interdisciplinary and transcultural directions. Miner has taught at other universities, as well as lectured globally and has been a visiting artist or artist-in-residence at numerous universities, MFA programs, cultural centers, museums, artist-run spaces, and Indigenous institutions, among others. Both within and outside the university, he teaches various seminars and workshops that employ dialogical, Indigenous, and emancipatory pedagogies. In addition to teaching, Miner is also Director of American Indian and Indigenous Studies at MSU and sits on the board of the Michigan Indian Education Council.



28. Printing Politics: Posters, Broadsides, and Radical Ephemera (Spring 2019)

27. Q: What is black and white and re(a)d all over? // A: Zines, Artists’ Books, Pamphlets, Chapbooks, and Other Multiples (Fall 2018)

26. Beyond Capitalism: Senior Seminar in Radical Theory

25. Art and Ecology in the Great Lakes

24. The Artist as Public Intellectual

23. Painting Murals, Crossing Borders

22. Serigraphy and Poster Workshop

21. Socially-Engaged Art and Social Practice

20. Transcultural Relations of Food

19. Native and Latino Perspectives on the US Southwest

18. Curator as Artist

17. Indigenous Solidarity Work

16. Art and Activism

15. Contemporary Indigenous Knowledge

14. Indigenous Oral Histories

13. The (Visual) Presence of the Past

12. Sophomore Tutorial in Youth Subcultures

11. Art + Anti-Colonialism: Envisioning Third and Forth World Liberation [PhD seminar]

10. Culturas de la Resistencia: Art + Social Justice in Oaxaca

09. Transcultural Relations: Indigeneity, Coloniality, Modernity

08. Presence of the Past: ‘Qhiparu nayraru uñtas sartañani’

07. Horizontality + Creativity: Art as Social Justice

06. Sport, Symbol, Society: The Cultural Study of Sports

05. Another (Art) World is Possible: Art and Social Justice in the Américas

04. Art of the Mexican Diaspora

03. World Art III

02. Western Art II

01. Introduction to Visual Culture